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Charters - bareboats

All our catamarans are high performance boats, but you can sail them as docile as you want. You don’t have to sail them fast, it goes automatically, the designs are simply fast.

Pointing to windward higher and quicker than all charter mono and multi hulls, makes sailing life easy and gratifying.This means you trim your sails, helm and relax, but at a quicker pace than the others.

Bareboat of course we require solid recent sailing experience, we always tell our clients when we make an offer, that when there is only one on board who can sail, you are actually sailing single handed, make sure you are good enough to handle this.

The Andaman Sea, is hurricane free, we don’t get typhoons, but sure you can get high winds and high seas, it certainly is not a windless lake.

catamaran summerhaven
catamaran firefly
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We really take our time with bareboat guests , when we do the area briefing, but even more so with the boat briefing, our boats have a simple sailing lay out, we don’t have complicated technical systems on board, that is why we have enough time to go out for a few hours and show you the ropes, being well prepared is nothing to be ashamed of, we put in a reef, and show you how to do a man overboard maneuver .

We show you how to anchor, as there are no marinas or harbors, every evening you stay for anchor.

If your sailing experience is a bit rusty, there are two things you can do, take an experienced crew with you for the first 2 days,  our crew are all skippers and teachers in our sailing school.

To make bare boating and sailing with limited crew more easy, all the Summerhavens have autopilots. Navigating is easy in the Andaman Sea, a gps as well as charts and sea pilote are on board, we do not have areas with very high currents, neither are there sand banks or long hidden reefs.

Sailing in Thailand around Phuket in the Andaman Sea, actually gives the opportunity to navigate by eyeball, the old fashion way,

Give it a try, and use only the gps as back up, great fun and real sailing. The draft of a catamaran is shallow, this enables you to explore rivers in the Phang Nga bay, or anchor very close to the white powder beaches further south. 

Bareboat chartering gives you maximum privacy, the sailing area is huge, you will not see many other boats. Sail and use the boats as if they were your own.
A daily weather forecast is provided, by sms, through a gsm phone which is on board.

Every charter, we allow the guests to stay on board the night before you leave for the first real charter day, this first night is free of charge , you can stow your luggage, get accustomed to the boat, organize last minute errands, we’ll help you with that, this also means that the first day you can leave as early as you want, and this 1st Sailing in Thailand day is a full sailday.

We always help you out of the anchorage, set the sails, and when all is ok, we go back to the shore.


Bareboat Charter Prices

Price per day  for bareboat: 19,000 THB
What you don't have to pay:
1- 50ltrs of fuel for the main engine, dingy with ob, 600lts of shower and cooking water (300ltrs for Charo), snorkeling masks

2- Pick up service from and back again to the airport

3- Bed linen, towels, garbage bags, washing up liquid, kitchen and toilet paper, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, and many spices for cooking, olive oil, cooking oil, peanut butter, nutrella, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, marmite , emergency meals like pasta, rice and tins of tuna., 40ltrs of bottled drinking water, all ice boxes are crammed full with ice.

4- First night on board when the boat is in our bay, we advise you to arrive around midday, do all your shopping that afternoon, so the next morning you can go, 1st day is full sailing day

And when you come back the last day around 17,00hrs, means your last day is also a full sailing day.
Compared with many other colleagues we give almost 2 days free of charge.

5- Fishing gear, gsm phone with daily weather forecasts.

A standard bare boat charter contract has to be signed, also you have to convince me that the skipper you and one of the crew are recently experienced hands on sailors.

A safety deposit covered by credit card has to be signed 80,000 thbt, upon return we check rudders, dagger boards and underwater hull, no damage and credit card slip is handed over straight away.

We don’t count the plates forks and knives and so on, we know that they drop over board occasionally no big deal.
Part of the deal is, you get the boat crystal clean, we expect it back nearly the same.

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